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EMAT ApPointees

TIFMAS Committee

Citizen Corps Council

TDEM Hazard Mitigation Steering Committee
Texas Private Sector Advisory Council

FNSS Integration Sub - Committee


The Heart of EMAT

The heart of the Emergency Management Association of Texas is our working committees. Each Committee is led by an EMAT member responsible for recruiting Committee members, developing Committee goals that align with EMAT’s strategy, and fostering growth in the association and emergency management. The individuals serving on Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees and as Appointees are instrumental in moving EMAT forward as an organization and helping to shape the profession of emergency management in Texas as a whole.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The EMAT Executive Committee exercises the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of EMAT between meetings.

Francisco Sanchez, TEM, CPM President
Patrice Reisen-Hicks, CEM, TEM, Vice President
Open, Secretary
Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM, Treasurer
Billy Ted Smith, TEM, Sergeant at Arms
Kevin Starbuck, CEM,TEM, Immediate Past President

Symposium Committee

The Symposium Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating all aspects of the EMAT Symposium including the selection of presentations, event planning, audio visual needs, exhibitor and sponsor coordination, development of printed materials, marketing, and more.

The Symposium Committee is comprised of a Liaison Team and the following committee members:

Chair: Patrice Reisen-Hicks, CEM, TEM, MCP

Symposium Committee Liaison Team:
Open- Communications Committee Chair
Jim Coles, - EMAT Executive Director's Office
Brian Murray - Awards Committee Chair
Francisco Sanchez, TEM,  EMAT President
Symposium Committee Members:
Laura Gehrig, TEM
Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM
William Sederholm, TDEM
Hallie Frazee
Jennifer Henager
Rachel Ingle, TEM 

Benzon John

Communications Committee

The EMAT Communications Committee coordinates communication activities among EMAT's membership and the Board of Directors. The Communications Committee works with the EMAT Executive Director to communicate information via E-blasts, the website and social media.

Francisco Sanchez, TEM, President
Chair - Chip Orton

Laura Gehrig,TEM

Steve Rosa

Laura Gehrig, TEM

Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM

Melanie Devine

Awards Committee

The purpose of the EMAT Annual Awards Program is to recognize the achievements and hard work of the individuals, organizations and jurisdictions that have made exceptional efforts to further the field of emergency management and to ensure a whole community approach to preventing, preparing for, mitigating against, responding to and recovering from disasters.

Chair - Brian Murray
Mark ChadwickTEM 
Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM
Kit Marshall, TEM

Rick Woolfolk

Legislative Committee

The EMAT Legislative Committee prepares and promotes EMAT 's legislative agenda. Additionally, the Legislative Committee coordinates legislative strategy sessions to help define EMAT's legislative agenda.

Chair - Jeb Lacey, TEM
Francisco Sanchez, TEM
Jamie Galloway, CEM, TEM
Jeff Johnston
Kit Marshall, TEM
Patrice Reisen-Hicks, CEM, TEM, MCP

Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM

Susana Thorne

Public-Private Partnership Committee

The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Committee is charged with developing public and private emergency management relationships to further emergency management capacity throughout the state.


Develop, identify, and promulgate best practices for creating effective partnerships among private, not-for-profit, and public sectors.

Chair - Open

Steve Rosa

Niki Bender, TEM

Francisco Sanchez, TEM

Coming Soon -  More about the EMAT Public-Private Partnership Committee.

EMAT Membership and Marketing Committee

The EMAT Membership and Marketing Committee analyzes membership trends and provides recommendations to the Board for growing EMAT membership as well as retaining current members. The Committee accomplishes this in part by producing and approving an annual member recruitment strategy and campaign, and periodically reviews and adjusts the strategy as needed to support attainment of annual targeted recruitment and retention goals. Finally, the Membership and Marketing Committee provides perspective on the needs and expectations of EMAT’s membership and works in tandem with other EMAT committees to ensure EMAT products and services are in alignment.

Hallie Frazee, Chair
Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM
Tonya Hunter, TEM
Maria Galvez
Angela Dees
Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM

Patrice Reisen, CEM. TEM
Courtney Ring
Francisco Sanchez, TEM
Patrice Reisen-Hicks, CEM, TEM, MCP

TEM Certification Commission

Patrice Reisen Hicks, CEM, TEM, MCP
Jamie Galloway, CEM, TEM
Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM 
Mariah Armitage, CEM, TEM
Douglas Bass, TEM
Lee Bourgoin, TEM
Brad Britten, TEM
Brian Brockett, TEM
Chris Earp, TEM
Mistie Gardner, TEM
Ivonne Garza, TEM
Dee Ann Haney, TEM
Patrick Hughes, TEM
Tonya Hunter, TEM
Jeb Lacey, TEM
Kit Marshall, TEM
Michael Mason, TEM
Michael Megna, TEM
Camilo Olivieri, TEM 
Michael Shoe, TEM

Training Committee (New)

The EMAT Training Committee is charged with developing training materials for new Emergency Management Coordinators and developing continuing education opportunities, including finding speakers for the EMAT Symposium and developing content for bi-monthly webinars.

Ad Hoc Committees

Nominations Committee

The EMAT Nominations Committee nominates persons to serve as Board Members and Officers.

Jamie Galloway, CEM, TEM,  Chair

Francisco Sanchez, CEM, TEM

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee reviews the activities of EMAT from Elections, Regional Representation and policies from the Board of Directors and from General Membership Meetings.

Patrice Reisen Hicks, CEM, TEM, MCP, Chair

Niki Bender, TEM

Dee Harrison, CEM, TEM

Francisco Sanchez, TEM

Billy Ted Smith, TEM

About EMAT

The Emergency Management Association of Texas is dedicated to the advancement of the field of emergency management both statewide and nationally. To that end, EMAT engages in an array of efforts to advance a statewide emergency management agenda and to promote the professional growth of the emergency management practitioner.


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