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FEMA releases NIMS NQS Implementation Fact Sheet

2 Sep 2021 1:53 PM | Anonymous

FEMA released the NIMS NQS Implementation Fact Sheet. National Qualification System (NQS) Implementation Objectives reflect the concepts and principles to promote consistency in the NQS implementation nationwide. The Objectives provide guidance for implementation in the Fiscal Year 2021 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Notice of Funding Opportunity.

The implementation objective sets the standards for compliance and provide additional guidance for implementing the NQS recommendations in the FY 2021 EMPG funding notice. EMPG recipients are required to implement NQS components with their grant funding. Beginning in fiscal year 2022, FEMA intends to make implementing the NQS a requirement for receiving EMPG funding. Jurisdictions will need to achieve, or work toward achieving, each of the objectives.

The objectives aim to develop organizational qualification procedures, certification program, and credentialing standards in alignment with the National Incident Management System Guideline for the National Qualification System. These indicators serve as actionable activities that jurisdictions can use to demonstrate their NQS implementation. The indicators are a tool to assist jurisdictions and organizations in meeting the new implementation objectives.

FEMA will release a supplemental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for the NQS Implementation Objectives in fiscal year 2022.

  • For a copy of the NQS Implementation Fact Sheet, click here
  • For a copy of the NIMS Guideline for the NQS, click here

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